Welcome to the 10th Mullingar CSI2* International Horseshow. The history books tell a compelling story of the horses and riders that found their place on the podium in Mullingar with the International Grand Prix Hall of Fame filled with familiar names: Francis Connors, Scott Brash, Vicky Tulloch, Capt David O’Brien, Clem McMahon, Alexander Butler, Joan Greene, Jordan Coyle, Sophie Dalm …

As well as the FEI CSI2* International Classes, there is a full schedule of national Show Jumping Ireland classes for horses and poniesHorse Sport Ireland Studbook Series for 5, 6 & 7 year olds, ‘Koro D’or’ 3 Year Old Loose JumpingPegus Horse Feed Dublin Horse Show Puissance qualifier, the Coolmore Ballyowen Maybell Molly 148 Pony Grand Prix, the Mullingar International Future Stars under 10 Championship, the Amateur Dingo Qualifier and Grand Prix and  EquiFestival Of Ireland Working Hunter qualifiers.

4 days, 5 arenas, €100,000 prizefund – we wish you a successful and enjoyable show.

New for 2017: Follow the show live with startlists and results as they happen on http://online.equipe.com/

Looking to improve the show experience, we asked competitors, owners, breeders and spectators for feedback earlier this year. With five arenas and a full schedule of classes, it can be a challenge to keep up with what is happening at any one time. How many horses are left to go in a class? Who is winning? What’s the time to beat? What time will I jump at?

Pioneered in Ireland by the Millstreet International Horseshow, the Equipe app will make it easier to plan your day.

Horse owners and breeders are promoted to a global audience on the app, giving exposure to potential buyers. The app can be downloaded free of charge by anyone with a smartphone or on the Equipe website. To manage the horse and rider details, we are working with the SJI to pre-enter all national classes, and the FEI for international classes.

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International Entries


(Not 14 May as advertised in SJI Bulletin and Mullingar Show Schedule)

FEI Schedule  Enter Online – International Entries, National Stables  FEI Jumping Rules


International Rules

The International Classes are open to everyone, as long as both athlete and horse are registered with the FEI. A horse doesn’t need an FEI passport but needs to be FEI registered, which is 30 Euro. A rider needs to be FEI registered which is either 80 Euro, for just Mullingar, or 175 Euro for the whole year. Apply now to Horse Sport Ireland (see links below).

Horses may be entered in the Gold or Silver Tour. Riders may enter a maximum of three horses in total.

GOLD Tour (Int. 2,3,5,6,8,9) 1.30/1.45, Entry Fee €350 (incl. Stable) + €30 Medical & Manure Disposal  Charge

SILVER Tour (Int. 1,2,4,6,7,8 ) 1.25/1.30, Entry Fee €330 (incl. Stable) + €30 Medical & Manure Disposal Charge

 Trot up for all international horses will be on Friday 2 June from 3.00 until 6.00 pm.

 Declarations close at 5.00 the evening before the following days event

 Riders & horses must be registered with the FEI

 Vaccinations must be up to date

 Entries online only on Mullingar Equestrian website by Wednesday 24 May

 Entries must be paid in full by Monday 29 May

 Grand Prix Qualifiers: Int. 3 & Int. 5

 Cancellations deadline: midday Monday 29 May, in writing only, to info@mullingarequestrian.com. There will be no refunds after the cancellation deadline.



National Entries – SJI Horse & Pony Classes

To facilitate live reporting on Equipe, and comprehensive horse & rider / pony & rider information for all classes, SJI have kindly undertaken to process online entries for the national horse and pony classes.

Pre-Enter Online on sji.ie Entries close 4.00 pm Thursday 1 June.

Entries may be withdrawn / undeclared up to 4.00 pm on 1 June on sji.ie without penalty.

€10 per entry payable online to SJI, balance of entry fee payable at the show.

The online fee is not refundable or transferable after close of entries on 1 June.

Registered horses or ponies entering on the day will be subject to 20% convenience fee and to class availability.

Late entries must be registered at the show office by 5.00 pm for classes the following day. The same will apply for Temporary Tickets.

Download the Equipe App to view startlists and live results as they happen & follow your horse or pony’s performance wherever you are.


HSI ISH Studbook Series (Evts 14, 15 & 16)

Pre-Enter Online on sji.ie Entries close 4.00 pm Thursday 1 June.  ISH Studbook Series Criteria



  • When you arrive at the show, declarations must be made with an SJI ticket in the show office 1 hour before the class starts.
  • All declarations for national finals & international classes must be made to the show office no later than 5.00 pm the evening before the competition … after which the place will go to the next qualified rider. Declared riders that do not jump will be liable for entry fee.
  • To complete declarations, riders can pay cash at time of entry or to open an account bring along a signed cheque or bank card details.
  • To save time at the show office, please have tickets completed, with the horse’s start number in the top left hand corner, and the event number in the top centre.


3 YO Loose Jumping

Pre-Enter Online  Entries close 4.00 pm Thursday 1 June.


Entries on the day (Monday) at show

Ridden & Working Hunter