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Liam O Meara wins Mullingar leg of the Connollys Red Mills Spring Tour

Liam O’Meara got back to winning ways in yesterday’s Mullingar leg of the Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour, he rode his exciting 8yo, Curraghgraigue Jack Take Fligh to victory, the gelding by Jacomar out of the Errigal Flight mare, Curraghraigue Errigal, is currently the leading young horse in the League.

Posted by Showjumping Ireland on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mullingar Equestrian Centre Horse & Pony Show / Connollys Red Mills Spring Tour

International Sand

Event 1

1.10 Class

Owner                                     Name of Horse/Pony                                    Rider

1st K. Gallagher                       Quito De Mille                                    Kevin Gallagher

2nd M. Barrett                         Captain Becca                                     Niamh Barrett

3rd G. Mc Garry                       Aramis Encore                                     Grainne Mc Garry

4th C. Cuffe                              Lady Amaretto                                    Aoife Cuffe

5th E. Connell                           Shannondale Keady                             Megan Connell

6th L. Carey                              Numero Cruise                                    Daren Hopkins

7th K. Ryan                               Quintessential                                     Rebecca Stafford

8th J. Mulligan                         Mokill Spring                                       John Mulligan

9th A. Chambers                      Emerald Izzy                                        Aoife Chambers

10th M. Gather                         Vattaliae DHZ                                                    Killian Norris



1st Electric Feel ( Jennifer Kuehnle) D Bourns,

2nd Errico Blue  ( Jenny Rankin) D Bourns,

3rd Ballistic  MZS ( Jennifer Kuehnle), H Kuehnle,

4th European Cruise ( James Hogg), E Hogg

5th Trickin About( Nano Healy), D Healy

6th Beech Hill Lucia( Jenny Rankin) D Bourns

7th Interpreter ( James Hogg) E Hogg

8th Dungar Clover Breeze( Sean Kavanagh ) R Stafford





Connollys Red Mills  Horse Spring Tour

1st Curraghgraigue Jack Take Fligh ( Liam O Meara ) Helen Sheridan 0 0 39.09

2nd Interpreter ( James Hogg) Edgar Hogg 0 0 39.14

3rd Vimminka ( Alexander Butler) Ladycastle Syndicate 0 0 39.44

4th BVS Echo Island ( Christopher Connell) Brosna View Stables 0 0 40.21

5th CC Captain Cruise ( Jessica Burke) Gabriel Slattery  0 0 44.19

6th Dungar Clover Breeze ( Sean Kavanagh ) Rachel Stafford 0 0 45.54

7th Alonso N ( Grace Mc hugh) Patrick Mahon  0 0 50.77

8th Lowhill Glenard Lad( Jenni Lamminen ) Tom Jones & Martin Walsh



Cairnsview Riyans Touch( Sarah Cleary) , Reiss ( Clodagh Fitzpatrick)


Castlebridge Cassius ( Sean Kavanagh ) , Come Home Barney ( Vicki Sherwood), Goldy Locks ( Annemieke Plass) , Cardino ( Mary Ellen Rice),Ardagh Epic ( Thomas Whyte ) ,Oilean Lola( Elisa O Connor) Castleforbes Caitlin ( Jamie Landers),Ardagh Flamenco( Thomas Whyte), Killaduff Touch( Karina Mc Givney ), Dotty Blue ( Catherine Egan),Corraghoe Bounce( Joyce Veld )


Clarkes Lux Clover ( Niall Mc Garry), Ardagh Airborne( Thomas Whyte), Lady Mumbai( Samantha Heaney), Neon Acclaim( Jessica Burke),YFS Leapallie( Rebecca Yorke),Playtime Cruise( Joanna Penfold), Imperious ( Samantha Heaney),King Cruise ( Oliver Penfold),Dotty Blue( Catherine Egan), Fancy Trend( Casey Phair),Tullibards Miss Optimistic( Jennifer Kuehnle),Eden ( Catherine Dunphy),Dpb Guilty Vechta ( Niamh Barrett),Creggaun Abbey( Rebecca Yorke), Lough Seur Sarlady( John Mulligan),Cardino ( Mary Ellen Rice)Cemalau A ( Eabha Costello)Larrys Cruise( Stephen Weir), Castleforbes Betsy( Jamie Landers), Brookwood Braveheart( Sean Kavanagh), Castlebridge Cassius( Sean Kavanagh), Aughaslane Leitrim Lass( John Mulligan), Malbay Dreamer( Mervyn Clarke Jr), Ceoldrama ( Laura Mealiff), Gurraun Sylvia( Cathleen Herbert)



1st Clarkes Lux Clover( Carla Mc Garry) Niall Mc Garry, 2nd Cruise News ( Nadine Carey ) Leo Carey),Mullentine , 3rd Baby One ( Casey Phair) Tara Phair,4th New Trend ( Jessica Burke) Liam Nicholas, 5th Cemalau Z ( Eabha Costello), Pauline Costello, 6th YFS Leapalli ( Rebecca Yorke), greg Yorke




Ballyknocan Tinkerbell ( Roisin Burns), Daisy May ( Rosie Flanagan)

128 80cm

Sparkling Mr Castlewarren ( Lauren Murphy ) ,

128 90cm

1st Troglan ( Lauren Murphy), 2nd Little Miss Big Time ( Marta Hughes  Bravo ) , 3rd Cocky Rocky ( Marta Bravo hughes ), 4th Essenar Eaney Meaney( Maddy Norris), 5th Oakland Magic ( Sophie Treanor), 6th Tiger Lilly ( Brian Kuehnle )

128 Metre

1st Headmore Little Lightning ( Isobel Hughes Kennedy), 2nd Troglan ( Lauren Murphy),3rd Gleeiganol Guinever ( Harriet Penfold), 4th Lakefield Stormy ( Brian Kuehnle),5th Saynothing ( Amie Carey) 6th Little Miss Big Time ( Marta Hughes Bravo )

138/148 80cm

Knocknamanagh Girl ( Aoibhin Phelan),Kilpatrick Gwendoline(Con Lowney), Inishannon ( Colm Fitzpatrick)

138 90cm

Little Rock Bang Bang( Hannah Mc Goldrick),Mayfly Black Pennell( Molly Bravo hughes)

138  Metre

1st Little Rock Bang Bang ( Hannah Mc goldrick), 2nd Coppenagh Celtic Rebel( Seamus Kennedy ) 3rd Lisboy Latte ( Seamus  hughes Kennedy ) 3rd Dizzy Rascal(  Ava Shortall), 4th Thomastown Quest ( Kate Rohan), 6th Leiter Ben ( Molly Bravo Hughes)

 138 1.10

1st Coppenagh Celtic Rebel( Seamus hughes Kennedy), 2nd Blessington Willfly( Molly Bravo Hughes), 3rd Lisboy Latte( Seamus hughes Kennedy),4th Good Night Out ( Chloe Fagan), 5th Dizzy Rascal ( Ava Shortall),6th Thomastown Quest ( Kate Rohan)

148 80cm

Knocknamanagh Girl ( Aoibhin Phelan), Kilpatrick Gwendoline( Con Lowney) , Inishannon ( Colm Pitzpatrick)

138 1.20

Good Night Out ( Chloe Fagan)


148 90cm

Slieve Beagh( Orla Cuffe), Clonee Clint( Eabha Costello),Tanzanite Caesar( Caoimhe Quinlan), Ballerina Spartacus ( Caoimhe Higgins)

148 Metre

Cuffesgrange Cavalidam ( Seamus  Hughes Kennedy), Clonee Clint( Eabha Costello), Keatingstown Hunky Dory( Seamus Hughes Kennedy),

148 1.10

Tuamoto d’Alfa ( Isabel Fitzpatrick), Bullaun Boy( Oliver Penfold), Tirnaskea Graffa Master( Meadhbh Mealiff),Dirraw Caleb ( Isabel Fitzpatrick),


148 1.20

1st Whitehorn Girl ( Jennifer Kuehnle ), 2nd Boolagh Gypsy Boy( Kayleigh Soden), 3rd Castle Hill King( Kayleigh Soden), 4th Irish Builder( John Murray) 5th Eskers Reliable Lad( Caitlin Glennon)

148 1.30

1st Mathius ( John Murray)

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